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We are a family owned and operated business by Women Minority founded in 1985, Orlando, Florida. Our purpose is to conduct ourselves with integrity, professionalism and as a company to extend our capabilities. Making Tormar the best company in the market; The structure of Tormar: executive, administrative, operation and labor, forms the base solidity of our company.

Our Tormar Family provides a first-class service at a competitive rate. We believe “consistency” is the single most important factor that has enabled Tormar to grow and operate with great success over the last 30 years. We are constantly implementing more efficient systems, procedures, trainings, and equipment to provide a very high range of services for our customers’ needs. We employ highly trained technicians because we are all committed to a continuous improvement in every aspect.

Tormar’ team of high experienced in the cleaning and maintenance services, throughout the years have been fortifying leaving an image of responsibility, and integrity fulfilling our commitments as responsible service providers. We will consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.


The White House, Washington Letter –  Tormar team helps and supports those in need of a 2nd chance from charity nonprofits for a 1st job opportunity in the United States. Including people with disabilities, dyslexic and multiple government support.

Alexander Esparza – Owner

Margoth Sanchez

Founder & Owner 1985 – Present

A lifetime entrepreneur, with a great vision of serving the our community with change.

  • Founded textile and design companies
  • Founded learning and manufacturing academies
    • Porcelain
    • Ceramic
    • Lingerie
    • Arts and Design

Owner Hotel of Cabanas Praba  logo-praba-sm

Everything Can Be Done With Effort and Sacrifice

Margoth SanchezThe Best Quote in Her Life

Margoth Sanchez – Founder

Yudy Maritza Esparza


She was and will be the motivation and heart of Tormar.

M. Alexander Esparza


  • Business Administration Bachelor.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor.
  • Founder Manpower Construction.
  • Founder Tormar Sidney, Australia.
  • Founder Tormar Development.
  • Founder Tormar Corporation.
  • Founder Tormar Production.
  • Founder Restaurant in Florida.

My Vision is to give all of my knowledge, experience and Professionalism to perfection and satisfaction.

Alexander Esparza

Maykoll Esparza


  • Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor.
  • Risk Management Certifications.
  • Hotel Structure Specialty.
  • Buildings Certifications.

Kathy Esparza

EVP President

  • Business Administration and Finance Bachelor.
  • Marketing  Bachelor.
  • Hotel Structure Bachelor.

Norma Esparza

Marketing & Design President

  • Business Administration and Finance Bachelor.
  • Founder  Tormar Construction.
  • Business Women Manufacturing, textile and design

Tormar is a family company, with principles, values, integrity and professionalism. Our team of

  • Executives
  • Directives
  • Administrative
  • Regional managers
  • Managers

  • Trainers
  • Supervisors
  • Leaders
  • Employees

We are an immense united family, that makes us; The Only Choice

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